All Cold Everything

by Cold Foamers

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Besides a hand-dubbed tape, All Cold Everything is Cold Foamers' debut release. Picked up and put out by Haze Tapes (based in Washington state), the fourteen track album is a winding tour. That is to say, it's not disjointed as much as it is diverse. All Cold Everything exists somewhere between styles of music that I rarely listen to and styles that I absolutely love all while maintaining a thread of rock-and-fucking-roll.


released September 27, 2014

Cold Foamers is:

Asher Dark
Cameron Kennon
Scotty Leitch
Cameron Konner

All Cold Everything is:

Asher Dark
Alex Giannascoli
Cameron Kennon
Jason Lear
Dexter Loos
Colin Pezzano
Erin Porter

Recorded and produced by Alex G (
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios (

LP release October 2014




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SLUGSALT Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly-based label and distro est. 2014

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Track Name: Tantrum
where's your tantrum
going to and from?

somebody left my bedroom door open all night
so I could stay awake and see
somebody's hanging over me
I don't want to be lonely
I don't wanna

it's in my hand
it's a shame that no one sees it
it's in my hand
Track Name: Ride Home
ride home
I start shifting all my cold bones
i know that you know

I'll be right over
i swear I'll be a good one to ya, honey
Track Name: Calm Down
daydream lasts too long
I want it out
calm down

some of our old things have moved to town
closets empty out
legs sprout feet
calm down

I'm right on time
Track Name: Always
all I'll care
lies are always there

kindly stare
i like it here
Track Name: Marry
my sweet baby
cuss at me
she don't love me
she drinks for free
she comes home
late at night
and won't kiss me

she don't know how thick my skin be
my sweet lady cuss at me
Track Name: Die, Yuppy Scum!
walk light sweet kind
I heard a sound
walk light kind eyed
I heard a sound

crawl in my head
I'm coming down
white face beet red
I heard a sound

wait on my shoulder
talk now
it's quiet here

sleeping is sorry
i'm sorry I slept all day
you keep the bed warm
and I'll keep you
just say you like it here
Track Name: Druglord Landlord
I don't wanna be alone
but it's so nice to be alone
cause you will be there
with bugs in your hair

and we will sit in fall to find
transparencies in made up time
and I'll take fresh notes
on how and why
the concrete floats

these devils creep
up to me
and they want money
and they ask me why I’m so sad
that they feel bad for me
but they want my money
Track Name: Dead Dogs
dead dogs lie still
and dead dogs don't kill
and dead trees creep to bed silently
the sun beats the moon then beats down on me

dead dogs can't see
and dead dogs are not lonely
my devils inside of me
there's tired devils beside me

and when I get there
and the sun shakes the sleep from my hair
I'll black out the sun
if it won't share the sky
Track Name: Rebecca
jewess rebecca had trouble with michael
do you forget?
think black
Track Name: Death Party
I got the call
I'm feeling small
don't talk at all
I've got my head down on the wall

you're on your back
and I've got my head down on the wall

you won't feel sorry for a slight infraction
although I know if I could just lay still
and get some action
although i know I'd rather keep you cold
til sunday wakes us up

we got lucky that death was such a party
Track Name: Sludge
if that's you
come in
take a seat

all covered
boney white
wrapped up in my receipt

the floor's all covered in sludge
my mouth the vacuum
consumes all the sludge

cuddle it budge smooth me out
Track Name: Colin's Song
black hair/eyes no soul
hold me close my feet are cold
you're twisting all your bones
around my skin

still feelin' low

I wanna know
why did you go?

yeah I'll take you home
I'll sit on the bed
watch you get clothed

yeah I'll take you home
because I wanna go

I'll do anything to not be alone
Track Name: Time For Some Awesome Breaking and Entering
I don't have the words to spell out the sounds
you tell me and I'll tell you back how it sounds

look at my mess ain't you proud of the skill
it took to mold this dirt and dust into a hill

don't feel so uptight
you're around me
you're by my side
I lied
I feel your wheels are right beneath me
you're by my side
I lied

why am I alright?
Track Name: Sixteen
all my sisters on the floor
I don't live here anymore

I've been walking around outside
goin' round outside
I'll bite and I'll see what's hard
And I know I know